Natura Morte

Your luck has changed.


Dark passion.




Do You think the body and music can change humanity?

How can we compose emptiness, the tabula rasa in front of us? And why? To hide the emptiness or just us in the emptiness?

A man and a women, exactly as they are, the beauty and horror in their conversations then melancholy suddenly invades, when the beauty and horror are lost.

Six persons.

Six countries.

Six stories.

Is loneliness independence or freedom?

We invite You to the party!


"Natura Morte" is an EVS volunteer performance created in 2018.

 Performance is directed towards mature audiences.


Director: Daniel Jacewicz

Director's assistants: Francesco Lucio Pileggi, Olivier Jost
Starring (original cast): Ira Brami, Andrea Hernandez, Amandine Heroult, Carolina Rivainera, Konstantin Prybylovskyi, Vootele Ruusmaa
Premiere: February 2018


Performance in English.