Caravan next – Feed the future: Art Moving Cities is a large-scale European (EU) collaborative project, with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret, as lead partner. The project takes its departure from a former EU cooperation project CARAVAN. Artists on the road that ended in 2014.  Caravan NEXT aims to stimulate every individual and every community to reflect on the active role of the European citizen with regards to the social challenges awaiting us, among these, such as: gender equality, acceptance of other cultures, environmental protection, the role of young people in contemporary society.

Through a process of audience development, the professionals and the citizens will together decide the topics around which the cultural actions of the project will revolve, through participated decision-making processes and votes on social networks.


Thoughts were many, as the response of Creative Europe came in spring. Before was 1 years of preparation of the application in close collaboration with Alberto Pagliarino from University of Turin and 1000 of 1000 email correspondences between the partner organisations.

The response from the Creative Europe was a little late; but right between March and April came the final response concerning the project “Caravan Next. Feed the Future. Art moving cities”. The project was one of the 16 selected large-scale cooperation projects under the Creative Europe out of 127 applicants in total.


"Obviously, it is with pride and a certain amount of respect that we now can take the next step of the project along with the other 12 partners throughout Europe starting in late 2015 and end in early 2019", says Per Kap Bech Jensen, project manager of the project.


"This is the biggest project Theatre Brama ever did in it's history. It's also one of the bigger ones in Poland. It motivates us very much and invites to carrying out this one of a kind project." - Daniel Jacewicz, founder and creator of Theatre Brama.


The core of the project is the creation of Social Community Theatre events to cities and towns to rethink them as broad open air venues, local art squares connected to an European level (GLOCAL level) where citizens, professionals and artists can give life to their own community theatrical events. It will be five festive weeks of one-week duration each, throughout Europe in five European countries: Denmark, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy and Poland. Alongside this work all will partner-up with associated partners in the creation of 25 small cultural events of 4-days duration. Finally, the project also works outside the EU territory in the 5 EU external conferences, where experiences from the project is shared with other professionals in the United States, Uruguay, Morocco, Australia and Taiwan.


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The Caravan Next Team



Total budget: 3.992.942 € during the four years  

EU Grant: 1.996.471 € during the four years 



In total 13 partners:

 - Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret (DK)

- Association des Agences de la Democratie Locale (FR)

- Bürgerstiftung Rohrmeisterei Schwerte (DE)

- Centro de Arte y Producciones Teatrales SL (ES)

- Farm in the Cave (CZ)

- Kulturno Izobrazevalno Drustvo Kibla (SI)

- Omma Studio Private Non Profit Company (GR)

- Società Consortile per Azioni OGR-CRT (IT)

- Stichting ZID (NL)

- Stowarzyszenie Edukacyjno - Spoleczno - Kulturalne Teatr Brama (PL)

- Technical University of Crete (GR)

- Truc Spherique (SK)

- Universita Degli Studi di Torino (IT)

and 30 associated partners in and outside EU territory.



16 European Countries and five countries outside European territory

Activities Five Festive Weeks, 25 micro cultural barters, five conferences in EU and five external EU conferences


More information:

Coordinator of the project in Theatre Brama - Jennifer Crissey

+48 533 311 214 -



Project leader: Per Kap Bech Jensen

+45 51364770 –


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