Ścieżka Edukacji Teatralnej Łaknienia

Ścieżka Edukacji Teatralnej (SET) Łaknienia is a project expanding on current formula of Youth Theatre Festival Łaknienia and a part of Human Mosaic festival, which is a final of a Caravan Next project. Project is composed of four main elements:


1. SET UP - this part is composed of all organizational works to carry out the Łaknienia part of Human Mosaic festival. Łaknienia for many years were created as a festival from youth to youth, while core crew of Theatre helped them in a few of their actions. Goal of this part of project is broadening competences of youth in organizing artistic events and culture animation.


2. SET GO! - theatrical competition for theatres from whole Poland, working on the same rules as Łaknienia festival. Groups present their performances in spaces of Theatre Brama and Goleniów's Culture House, where jury rates their work to finally reward the best. Additionally, very important part of Łaknienia are workshops for participants led by professional actors and directors. Each day of competition is finished with a discussion regarding the performances shown during the day,  where each of the participants of the discussion can say something. The main goals of the competition is building camraderie between youth theatres, interesting society with youth art and teaching youth new theatrical techniques.


3. SET TSA -  series of thematically related prelections, lectures and discussions on topics realted to human, his life and social phenomenons taking place in the contemporary world. Each day will have leitmotiv, around which events will be built. Goal of this part of programme is shedding some light on social problems and discussion about them. Name TSA comes from translation of TAZ (temporary autonomous zone), term created by anarchist Hakim Bey in 1991.


4. SET SCT - training course for people interested in SCT methodology, fuel of Caravan Next project.


Project co-financed by the Polish Minister of Culture from Cultural Education programme.

fot. Marta Pietunow