SIMRA  is a project of supporting of integration of immigrant, refugee and asylum seeking women. Main goal of project is supporting active involvement of said women in society that hosts them. To achieve this SIMRA will prepare, run and rate pilot intervention programme. It is expected that it will prepare the social space for social interactions through thesis, that more dynamic and inclusive interaction is more successful.


Project is work of 9 partners from 5 EU countries:

NGO Nostos (Athens, Greece)

IEKEP (Athens, Greece)

The Lennox Partnership (Clydebank, United Kingdom)

Double Helix Resources (London, United Kingdom)

Elderberry AB (Hägersten, Sweden)

Legacy WM (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

KISA (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Hypatia Foundation promoting equality (Limasol, Cyprus)

Teatr BRAMA (Goleniów, Poland)